The Solarize Montgomery Campaign has ended. If you are still interested in going solar, please contact one of our Solar Installers for a proposal.

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How It Works

To participate, please visit our Sign Up page and complete the Contact Form. Once you have signed up, the VA-SUN team does a preliminary screening of your roof via Google Earth to make sure your home is a good fit for solar. Once we’ve determined that your home can in fact work for solar, one of our two local, qualified solar contractors will schedule a home visit.


Similar terms and pricing have been extended for Solarize Montgomery, with discounts for larger systems. Solarize Montgomery has also partnered with First Bank of SC, NC, VA to provide very favorable long-term financing options for eligible individuals. Coupled with the federal 30% tax credit and the sale of your SRECs, the payback period becomes increasingly smaller.

Solar Installers

Solarize Montgomery is working with the same two solar installers as last year: Baseline Solar and Solar Connexion. Following Solarize Blacksburg, participants completed anonymous surveys about their experience in the program. Time and time again, participants rated their interaction with the solar installers very high. We know you’re going to get the same great service in this program.

“The process was much quicker and easier than expected once the work began.”
Solarize Blacksburg Participant*
*Following the Solarize Blacksburg campaign, participants completed an anonymous survey about their overall satisfaction with the program.
“Definitely the most fun and exciting home improvement project we’ve ever done.”
Solarize Blacksburg Participant*

Attend one of our upcoming community meetings to learn more about the program and ask your questions.

For a schedule of community and civic meetings, please visit our Calendar of Events.


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Solarize Montgomery

Community Housing Partners, VA SUN, Montgomery County, Town of Blacksburg, Town of Christiansburg, and the New River Valley Planning District Commission are pleased to announce the launch of Solarize Montgomery – a program designed to make solar affordable and accessible to homeowners and businesses throughout Montgomery County.  Through a comprehensive and competitive bidding process, two local and qualified solar installers were selected for last year’s Solarize Blacksburg program; similar terms and pricing have been extended for Solarize Montgomery, with discounts for larger systems. The program combines a time-limited discount, a 30 percent federal tax credit, and very favorable options for long-term financing for eligible participants.

Solarize Programs in Virginia

In March 2014, Solarize Blacksburg launched the first Solarize program in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Under this first program, more than 50 people installed solar PV systems, which quadrupled the amount of electricity generated by solar energy in Blacksburg.  Following our lead, dozens and dozens of localities across the state have initiated similar Solarize campaigns.  In a state that has relatively few renewable energy incentives, our Solarize campaigns have drawn national attention.  According to Jim Pierbon, a columnist for, the driver in Virginia is “the desire to be part of a like-minded community and share the learning experience of buying into a much-talked about technology that can scale to help reduce reliance on fossil fuel.”

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